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Meet Mariam Mohamed. Mariam wants children to learn to be more accepting, confident, kind, and to be taught integrity from a very young age. Mariam would love it for her readers to take the lessons and knowledge they’ve learned from her stories and apply it to their real-life situations.

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Mariam's Message

Mariam wants children to speak up for those who haven’t found their voice yet. She wants to encourage those who are under-represented to become leaders, not followers.
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“What I Wish you Knew About My Cousin Ali”

Storybook Overview:

Sumaya and Ali are not only best friends, they are cousins. They share many things in common, but as they get older, Sumaya realizes Ali is a little different. She finds out after talking to her aunt Fatima that Ali has autism. Sumaya takes her newfound information and shares it with her classmates. She feels very upset when other kids make fun of Ali or stare at him too long, so she vows to do something about it.

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Ayeeyo’s Golden Rule

Storybook Overview:

Ayeeyo’s Golden Rule is about a 9-year-old Somali girl who immigrates to the U.S. with her family. She shortly after finds herself the target of her peers. Yasmin, the protagonist of this story, teaches readers to be kind and humble even when faced with racism and bullying. Readers will learn to rise above the hate, speak up, and be a leader. She remembers what her Ayeeyo had told her before she left for the U.S., “Never forget where you came from and what you stand for.”

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